About Us

About Our Senior Services

Our Vision

Aging neighbors of our community will live longer, happier, and more meaningful lives with the help of our senior services.

Program History

The organization began in the Fall of 2002 after an informational meeting with a community coach through the MN Council on Aging who was representing the Living at Home/Block Nurse Program model. A steering committee was formed with numerous community members serving on the Board of Directors. We provided our first service in 2003 after hiring a Program Director to provide leadership to the community under the direction of the Board of Directors. The program began with a community service grant of $19,640 from the State of Minnesota along with a $1,500 cash donation. Our local community food shelf donated the first office space to the program. The Foley Area C.A.R.E. program currently resides in the City of Foley at 321 6th Ave.

Goal and Mission Statement

“We support area neighbors 60 and over to continue living independently in the home of their choice through community volunteerism and offering our senior services.”

Our program is part of a Living at Home Block Nurse program. We work in collaboration with existing agencies that provide services to elders. Our focus is to connect with agencies and fill in any organizational gaps to prevent premature nursing home placement.

Our Growth

Senior Growth Chart

What we do

No one disputes that given a choice, our elders usually prefer staying in their own home as long as possible. More often than not, quality of life is the reason for remaining there, with the benefit of a multi-generational community enjoying the wisdom, experience and roots of its elders.

With that in mind, the Foley Area C.A.R.E. (Community Action Respecting Elders) Program, a Living At Home/Block Nurse Program (SM), has been established.

The Foley Area C.A.R.E. Program geographically serves people 60 years of age and older that reside in Benton County.


Foley Area Care Senior Services Area
Check our “How You Can Help” page to find out how YOU can be a volunteer with us or how YOU can help us with your financial assistance. Your help will be greatly appreciated!


Our current community member Board of Directors govern the Foley Area C.A.R.E. Program. The Board of Directors currently oversees the Program Director’s activities as well as our Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Fundraising Committee, Communications Committee, and Nominating Committee.

Current Board Members

  • Dennis Clark, Chairperson Foley Area CARE Senior Services - Dennis Clark

  • Joyce Simones, Secretary Foley Area CARE Senior Services - Joyce Simones

  • Karen Kampa, Treasurer

  • Gini Kalton, Member

  • Joyce Rife, Member Foley Area CARE Senior Services - Joyce Rife

  • Brian Lorenz, Member Foley Area CARE Senior Services - Brian Lorenz

  • Luke Lorenz, Student Member

  • Sandra Ouellette, Member

  • Dr. Richard Cash, Member

  • Ev Kirby, Member

  • Rosalie Musachio


  • Connie Cardinal, Executive Director Foley Area CARE Senior Services - Connie Cardinal

  • Linda Goodman, Transportation Coordinator

  • Deb Helmin, Administrative Assistant

  • Linda Tobroxen, Administrative Assistant


I just want to thank Foley Area CARE and Catholic Charities for offering the living with chronic pain seminar. It really helped me in two days. First it gave me understanding on how to live with chronic pain, and secondly it showed me that I am really lucky compared to others in the seminar. Thank you for working together to ...
My experience partnering with Foley Area CARE has been a positive one. Foley Area CARE was easy to work with and helpful while working together to reach the energy assistance needs of mutual clients. I look forward to continuing the partnership in reaching those who could use our assistance.
Jen Lamont, Outreach Specialist, Tri-CAP
When I started volunteering for seniors my goals was to help seniors stay in their homes as long as they wanted to & were able to do so. I thought if we could help them with a few services they no longer could perform they could stay at home & be healthier & happier! I soon found out I was getting more ...
Carol Brunn
Why do I volunteer? It seems like such as easy question until you have to put it into words. Sometimes there are no words to describe the sense of fulfillment you get when you realize you have just helped someone or just given them the feeling they matter. It’s a great feeling to help put a smile on someone’s face, ...
Arlene DeZeller
Thank you for your wonderful work at the Chili Supper. It was a marvelous way to bring our community together to support the continued dignity of the elderly. Good food, good company and good cause. Thank you for making a positive difference.
Sharon Kipka
Thanks so much for everything you do. I can depend on C.A.R.E. to be on time for rides and I don’t have to worry about anything. What great volunteers. At my age I’m lucky to have people like you and friends too!
Kay Madsen
The C.A.R.E. Program helps keep me independent. All my children work during the day or live too far to help me. C.A.R.E. is my life, my way to go grocery shopping, doctor appointments, church, and shopping. Their volunteers take good care of me. We all need to support their fundraising event and all the good they provide the community.
Marge Latterell
We wouldn't have a CARE program if we didn't have volunteers. We need funding, but we also need volunteers. There’s a whole bunch of caring people out there.
CARE Client
I appreciate rides to appointments. If my kids can’t take me to the doctor or to St. Cloud, volunteer drivers are always available.
CARE Client
It’s heartwarming to give back to the people who gave so much. We ought to give back for all that people have done. Volunteering is one way to do it without costing an arm and a leg.
CARE Volunteer
A benefit of volunteering is the satisfaction that you’ve helped someone. It makes me feel good that I’m able to do that.
CARE Volunteer
Dewey Place Fitness is fun! What better way to spend a half hour!
CARE Volunteer
I joined the exercise group because I was feeling sluggish and wasn’t getting anywhere. It has enlightened my life drastically. There are wonderful ladies, some I knew, some I befriended. We even take our instructor out to eat with us!
UCare Fitness Participant
I’m more social and active because if volunteers didn't care about me I wouldn't get anywhere.
CARE Client
More people need to get involved. If you can’t be a driver, get involved with other fundraisers or activities. It takes all kinds of people.
CARE Volunteer
I feel a lot different. I have more energy and I’m not so sore or stiff. It even did my head good, I think!
Dewey Place Fitness Participant
I can’t do exercise any other place or at home, so I like it in the community room. It’s more fun in a group.
Dewey Place Fitness Participant